Venture Atari 2600 cartridge

From 1982 blah blah. I want to like this game. I want to like it really bad. It had everything to make a great game, but it was always plagued by being balls difficult. I hate this game. Since I was just a young lad, I remember trying to play this game, but the stand up arcade version was ridiculously tall where a 4th grader could not even see the play screen without standing on tip-toes.  For the time, that probably cut out a good chunk of the target audience.

The game has everything I want in a game.  You are a character armed with a bow and arrow – or at least something that shoots.  It has exploration, acquiring items, killing the bad guys in little dungeons or whatever, for the treasure.  It’s set up for you to think if you can beat all four dungeons on the first level, you will progress to something new and exciting!  But SON OF A BITCH this game is just too freaking hard! Go back in time and get a UX designer, Coleco.  This game taunted me and pissed me off forever.  And for that, it will go down in history as my favorite game I freakin’ hate.

I will try again and again a few times to beat the first level.  But my sock covered foot could only snap the reset switch so many times in a night. Maybe its just EXTRA challenging.

Because of the sense of adventure and story – cutting edge graphics were not necessary.

venture_2600_screen-2 venture2600screen-300x193-1-2Here’s a big middle finger to a good game made way too hard.

HippoBytes ratings:

  • RetroReview Score: 6.9 of 10 grumble.  This is a tough one – its actually a good game, just too dang hard
  • Still fun today: yes, if you like yelling like some a-hole who cut you off in traffic