game-boy-castlevania-the-adventure-front-cover-300x295-1Though I like Castlevania, I haven’t played many games in the series; this would be the third I’ve finished. Like many other Game Boy games this was made to be pretty straight forward, it isn’t difficult to figure out the objective or the controls for that matter, its the execution that provides the challenge. Your main character, Christopher Belmont, is a whip-cracking, 16th century bad-ass that has a terrible habit of dragging his feet. As a result of the slow movement, the physics require a bit of getting used to; it can be quite difficult to dodge attacks and execute jumping puzzles without dropping like a stone in the proverbial pit. Yet again, this is among the wide assortment of classic platforming games that requires repetitive play in order to progress through. You need to memorize enemy attacks, locations of hidden items, jumping patterns, etc.. in order to survive to the end. Whip upgrades are a must at all times, taking damage will downgrade you making it that much more of a pain to continue on; even though there is only 4 levels, by the third is it absolutely necessary to keep it powered up, as your standard wet noodle won’t get the job done.

I want to say it is a short game, but after spending so much time “practicing”, I had probably spent less time doing a second play-through of Metal Gear Rising than overall progress on just trying to beat this once. Don’t get me wrong this is a good game, I enjoyed it! However if you are the type of player that will turn the power off if you aren’t doing that well right away, this isn’t a game for you; again, requires time and patience to succeed.

HippoBytes ratings:

  • RetroReview Score: 7.5 of 10
  • Still fun today: Sure
  • Rarity: Commonthe-castlevania-adventure-gameboy-gameplay-screenshot-2-300x270-1