river_raid_cartridge-2Born in 1982 by perhaps the first female video game developer, River Raid offered so much for its time.  Activision was known for its superior graphic, River Raid didn’t disappoint – actually bringing in the next generation of video games.  If you could upgrade weapons, you would have had 1942 released in arcades 2 years later.

Playing today, River Raid still has a real fun factor and, unlike many 2600 games had adequate graphics to hold intrigue.  The game is still fun, but like most 2600 games we easily grow tired of doing the same thing.

For 1982, I would say River Raid was one of the revolutionary games release – graphics, game play, and even design, this is one game that all should try just to know where many games were influenced.

HippoBytes ratings:

  • RetroReview Score: 7 of 10
  • Still fun today: yes – but the nostalgia quickly diminishes from the repetitive game play


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