mash_2600_screenshotM*A*S*H, for the Atari 2600, was released in 1983. It’s a pretty cool game base off the popular TV show and released by 20th Century Fox. I am not going to go into detail about how you are Hawkeye and everything, this is purely about the game. You are a medic helicopter who’s mission is to pick up wounded soldiers and bring them back to your camp. For some reason, annoying trees get in the way of your helicopter as you traverse the map. There is also enemy fire coming from the bottom of the screen and if you are shot, you crash to the bottom and are rushed off by another medic unit to start again. This slows you down. And speed is very important because you are put in competition of an agressive AI helicopter and you have to save more than him. The first to 999 points wins. If you fall behind a little bit, don’t worry.  You will have a chance to make up some points when you go into the operating room. Like a digital version of Operation, you are tasked to remove bullets from a wounded soldier as quick as possible without risky accuracy. Touch the sides, and you toast the dude and you’re back to the copters. Well, even if you do well, you’re back to the copters after X amount of time. The more bullets you can remove, the more points you accumulate.

mash-operation-300x184-1There are a few game options too that give the game a bit more longevity.  Best, you can play two player which offers fun, fast-paced, competition.  You can also opt to play the game with out enemy fire, or just go right to the operating table. There is also a weird option where you are able to catch falling soldiers from an airplane. It’s reminiscent Kaboom but with competition and trees in the way.

I really like this game. It has everything a good classic game needs; fun two player, quality controllability, the right amount of difficulty, and scene changes.  But most of all, I like it has an end goal and not another game that just goes on forever to get high-score. If theres no goal, other than points, I lose interest pretty quick.

mash-atari-2600-cartridgeHippoBytes ratings:

  • RetroReview Score: 8 of 10
  • Still fun today: Yes, especially with the two play option
  • Rarity: Scarce