lock_n_chase_screen_shot-300x187-1Lock ‘N’ Chase, released in 1982, is obviously a Pac-Man rip off. You are a robber moving around a maze collecting  gold bars (or dots in Pac-Man). You even have opportunities for more points by other objects appearing, in lieu of Pac-Man’s fruit. Instead of four ghosts, you have cops coming to beat yo’ ass. Now there are no power-pills to chomp to turn the approaching enemy into an edible item, instead you are armed with the ability to slam doors to keep the police from jacking you up. The doors are only on the horizontal too, so you often don’t get intended results when you do slam the door.

Other than that, Lock ‘N’ Chase is just a Pac-Man variation that gets old rather quickly. Pac-Man was novelty when it came it. It had intriguing colors, graphics, and even addicting sounds. Years later, Lock ‘N’ Chase didn’t really accomplish any of this, given it was on a limited platform. The point being, its a poor rip-off on a platform that doesn’t allow too-too much. The screens don’t chance and nothing new is ever introduced.  It’s just severely mediocre.

  • lock_n_chase_cartridgeRetroReview Score: 5 of 10
  • Still fun today: Not really… maybe for 2 minutes.
  • Rarity: Common+