tennis_thumb-120x120-1 Posted by Justin Anzelone on Sep 8, 2013 in RetroGaming | 1 comment After a posting I made on facebook, I felt the sudden drive to make a blog review about Activision’s real-life rewards for their Atari, Coleco and Intellivision games. Adam and I have gushed about how Activision was the best third-party developer for Atari back in the day, numerous times already; this… readmore the-castlevania-adventure-gameboy-gameplay-screenshot-2-120x120-1 Though I like Castlevania, I haven’t played many games in the series; this would be the third I’ve finished. Like many other Game Boy games this was made to be pretty straight forward, it isn’t difficult to figure out the objective or the controls for that matter, its the execution that… readmore dolphin-120x120-1 Like previously stated by my colleague, Adam, Activision was one of the first quality developers to make video games for a popular home console. Side note: A lot of the original programers for Activision had their start at Atari, but left to form their own company after being denied individual credit for… readmore gameboy-120x120-1 Posted by Justin Anzelone on Dec 17, 2012 in RetroGaming | 2 comments One of the most memorable Christmases I had growing up was when I got the original Game Boy. This was the very first portable gaming system I ever owned; probably one of the first handhelds anyone has ever owned! It was the first of its kind; aside from the countless variations of the Game & Watch… readmore xegamesystem-120x120-1 Posted by Justin Anzelone on Nov 15, 2012 in RetroGaming | 1 comment It seems every popular publisher during the late 80’s attempted to jump on the 8-bit bandwagon. Though Atari wasn’t new to the world of 8-bit programming, they did develop a home gaming console in hopes of re-joining the competition; in lieu of the sluggish 2600 and 7800 sales. The Atari XE (XEGS) was… readmore Nostalgia plays a big part in why gaming is important to me. Those moments as a kid were only highlighted with some of the warm memories attributed with the challenging gameplay, characters, and music associated with the classics on consoles such as the NES and Genesis. Getting a new game, even to this day… readmore