1126359348-00-246x300-1-2Journey Escape, for the Atari 2600, was released in 1982. Andy why not? Journey’s popularity was peaking with the video game revolution, it was sure to have an audience. I can find no evidence on the actual sales, but a used cartridge seems easily available today, I have to assume quite a few copies were put into the market. As a Journey fan, I enjoyed the game as a kid and I still had fun testing the game again for this retro-review.

journeyescape-300x203-1-2Not an overly complex game, your object is to guide each individual band member to the “escape” vehicle after a concert performance. As the screen scrolls vertically, you maneuver the current character past the onslaught of photographers, love crazed fans, asshole record label people, etc.  You can speed up by pressing up, but that means everything comes after you faster.  You also move left and right to dodge the obstacles. The obstacles slow you down and you have a limited time to reach the vehicle.  The levels increasingly get harder as you complete guiding all members, finally ending with Steve Perry. Once complete you have a final score at the end, and the games over.  Score is done in dollars, and running into obstacles slow you down and drain your cash.

journey_escape-300x196-1-2The game still has appeal, I thought it was pretty entertaining to go through it again.  And I won on the first try.  Is it that easy, or am I that good?

Speaking of Journey, this has me reminising about the old stand up arcade game released a year later.  This time you guide each band member through a unique, and very fun, level or mini-game. After each level is completed, you then get to the pay off stage. The arcade machine begins to jam, at a loud volume, a recording of Separate Ways. As the music starts, the band is on stage and you play the security bouncer moving side to side trying to keep fans from rushing the stage. The longer you can keep them from doing this, the longer the song keeps playing.  Very cool, it was a fun game from my recollection.

HippoBytes ratings:

  • RetroReview Score: 7 of 10
  • Still fun today: It’s worth a couple plays
  • Rarity: Common+