Not a typical HippoBytes retro-article, I wanted to do this because I find it fascinating the difference between two generations of gamers, me and my 14 year old son, Drew. Drew got me caught up on today’s gaming terminology. Where I called, “Next game!” in my day, he is in an online world of millions and millions of simultaneous players. As I play some of the games with him, I found the lingo of this generation of gamers to be quite humorous.  [Warning, if you watch the videos, some of the gamers commentary is deserving of a good whoopin’ by their mommas]


Troll Meme


– trolling

Trolls are basically online bullies. But they have the advantage of hiding behind the virtual walls of the internet, so no one can see what they truly are.  Their purpose is to provoke you and make you mad, but in the end they are just an annoyance.  Fight a troll by not reacting to them.


A griefer is a type of troll that joins your world to deliberately irritate and wreck what you have created. Commonly found in Minecraft.


During this research, I have come to learn that gamers have foul mouths. But when you have a rager, you get a trucker, sailor, and oilfield all in one.  Imagine, you’re on a 23 kill streak – 24 kills to get a M.O.A.B. (you like get to nuke the place) – excited to get that final 24th kill, someone kills you. Explicits. Rage is obviously when someone can no longer becomes competent of controlling their own anger and they just let loose.  See here:

Rage Quit

I love this one.  Rage quitting is when you get so mad, you abruptly leave a game.  You can quit, but during extreme rage, you just hit the power button… or throw the controller.  And I hope it’s not your $150 one with all the mods.

Extreme Rage

This is typically when you should have rage quit but didn’t.  The level of rage increases into family insults usually directed at the opposing players mother.


– n00b

A noob is simply a new (hence the “noo” portion of the word – “new-b”) or unexperienced player.  Unlike a troll, they inadvertently piss you off because they are not up to your level of game play and knowledge. They typically mess things up, brings your team down, acts outside of learned protocal, or asks stupid questions.


Hackers in the gaming world are a bit different from the typical hacker you know in pop culture. But they both find ways to bypass the programmed application. In gaming, they find ways to cheat or create scenarios to their advantage. In console games, they usually use a PC to run sub-routines that infiltrate the gaming logic and causes grief.

Examples of gaming hackers:

Lag switches

Lag switches are programs that are executed from a PC and overwhelms the bandwidth of the opposing part.  This causes bad connectivity on the opposing side giving the hackers team the advantage.


Another program executed from a PC, this can allow auto aiming, the ability to shoot through walls, etc.  They are man made cheats.


– camping

A camper will stay in one spot during a multiplayer game, typically a first person shooter. This usually evokes trolling by the other players because it is widely viewed outside protocol or ethics of gaming.

Here is a video example of camping AND trolling:


When playing an MMO, you can often add a second player from your console allowing a friend to play along with you. Boosting is when someone adds a second player, who is not played by anyone, and they shoot this player to gain additional points or kills.

Quick Scoping

Quick scoping is primarily a first person shoot term common with Modern Warfare.  This utilizes a snipers role where under normal circumstances the sniper finds a location, and piers through a scope for a while to make a shot (hard scoping). It is inefficient in normal ground warfare (as you run around a map), but provides a “one shot kill” rather than continuously shooting draining ones life to 0%. One shot kills are typically more points. A “quick scoper” will run around the map like any other player rather than finding a location to snipe.  As they run around, they quickly rase their scope and go for that one shot kill. The main benefit is efficiency in the kill, just being able to pluck people off with that one shot. However, this is not practical or an easy practice to master, but if you do, it’s highly effective.

No Scoping and Trick Shots

Trick shots, like making that amazing basketball shot, are amazing one shot kills. There are actually clans, often “professional” gamers (or MLG), built around doing trick shots.  It’s easiest to understand by watching this video:

Major League Gamers (MLG’s)

A professional gamer, often paid, that dominates a game.

Spawn Trapping

This is where you camp at a spawn spots (where players are regenerated) and shoot players as soon as they spawn. This typically results in trolling or raging.


You can go online and customize your very own controllers.  You pick the colors, etc – but you can also add a “mod” (modification) such as an auto fire button. An auto fire button gives you an advantage of quick fire.


These are typically flaws, or bugs, in a game. Gamers may exploit glitches for the benefit, or they can just be fun to mess around with – like going outside the map area of a game.

Designed Glitches

The glitch has evolved and gamers begin to figure out ways to create traps or surprises. These are often popular in Minecraft.  And example would secret ledges that can be triggered by you. This can also be a form of trolling.  Check out this hilarious video of Minecraft trolling:

Easter Eggs

The easter egg is not new, but I do appreciate they are very much alive and well. A popular one is a song that plays in Black Ops II after collecting 3 teddy bears.

See HippoBytes revealing the very first easter egg.

Beast Moding

Simply, this is when you are on a roll, just doing awesome.

Girl Gamer

Girl gamers are novelty in a male dominated world. If you are a girl gamer, you have a high probability of being hit on by most players you are with. As a matter of fact, its almost certain.  This can sadly get down right harassing and vulgar.  If you are a hot girl gamer, you become legend.  See iJustines page for example. Or check out these videos from Miss Heart Attack:

Corner Trap

Another form of trolling, this is when you trap a player in a location by standing in front of them and they are unable to escape until you move. This is usually done to someone on your own team, so they are unable to simply kill you.


Doing something dumb or someone doing something dumb.  “What a megaderp move”

I hope you liked this – please add your additions to the comments below – and no trolling!