dolphin-258x300-1Like previously stated by my colleague, Adam, Activision was one of the first quality developers to make video games for a popular home console. Side note: A lot of the original programers for Activision had their start at Atari, but left to form their own company after being denied individual credit for their work. Most of their games are original, colorful and definitely push the system to its limits. I first played Dolphin only a few years ago, but fell in love with it immediately!

In this game you play as a dolphin (shockingly enough), which swims continuously towards the right, evading an encroaching octopus. The object is stay away from the octopus for as long as possible, ether following the currents which are the symbols that pass you by pushing you closer or further away, or using your sonar; depending on the pitch of this tone your given a before-hand idea of where an opening will be on a passing wall (of shrimp?). Higher pitch openings are further up, lower pitches are closer to the bottom. After a while you begin to memorize where the openings are every time which is an important key; failure to pass through this wall will push you back and closer to the grasp of the octopus. After some time a seagull will fly by overhead, and when touched, gives you what appears to be “Star Power” like in Super Mario Bros, allowing you to swim back and pimp-slap that octopus rewarding you with a hefty score, then progression to the next level.

A great simplistic game that definitely earns its place in anyone’s collection, amongst other excellent Activision 2600 games!

  • RetroReview Score: 8 of 10
  • Still fun today?: For the simplistic nature of classic Atari games, Yes.