logo_activision-2After a posting I made on facebook, I felt the sudden drive to make a blog review about Activision’s real-life rewards for their Atari, Coleco and Intellivision games.

Adam and I have gushed about how Activision was the best third-party developer for Atari back in the day, numerous times already; this is justified on so many levels. One of the elements that stood them out amongst the others was the fact they provided physical badges (patches) for gamers that would reach a preset milestone with their games. Taking a screenshot (perhaps with a trusty Polaroid camera) of said Achievement and sending it in would grant you a congratulatory letter with badge! Here are some examples:

Chopper Command: Chopper Commando Patch – 10,000 pointschoppercommand_thumb-2

Enduro: Roadbusters Patch – Survive 5 game daysenduro_thumb-2

Kaboom: Activision Bucket Brigade patch – 3,000 pointskaboom_thumb-2

Pitfall!: Explorers Club Patch – 20,000 pointspitfall_thumb-2

tennis_thumb-2Tennis: Tennis Patch (that’s original) – Win one set vs. computer

If you’ve ever played this game you know how difficult the computer is.  Which is why there’s no surprise they offered a Patch for this.

From what I can tell these weren’t all that difficult to get. If you enjoyed the game and played it religiously, you were most likely good enough to achieve Activision gaming glory! This is something I feel is missing today; that strong developer/player connection. It was all about providing quality service and producing lasting products for people of all ages to enjoy. This would be almost impossible to do today; video games make so much money, you would most likely have to pay for the reward and prove that you didn’t hack the game or Photoshop the image.

Digital achievements like the ones on Xbox or PlayStation is good enough for players today, though Activision (not only being the pioneer) went one step beyond its successors and offered a physical reward for their players to proudly sport on their attire, showing off their gaming skills and giving them ultimate bragging rights amongst friends and family!

Have a Atari achievement you would like to share? Go ahead in the comments.

Here is a link to all the known patches Thanks, AtariAge!

img_3056-300x215-1-2I want my patch, Activision!