Posted by Adam Brower on Nov 2, 2012

40 Years of Atari [infographic]

So this is a very interesting stroll down the Atari memory lane. The Atari 5200 was left out of this unfortunately, and I think this could definitely be built upon. Still a fun chart regardless. I also forgot that Steve Jobs was actually a big part of Atari history. Be sure to check out my Atari 2600 retro-reviews too.



40 years of atari history info graphic

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  1. Sincere says:

    Funny how that works; better isn’t aawyls better Same thing happened to the Sega DreamCast, which I consider to be better than the PlayStation 2. However, there’s more than one reason why it didn’t take off. So the other day, a coworker gave me a Game Gear cartridge. I don’t have a Game Gear, but ever since, I’ve been eyeing them on ebay and in time will add it to my collection 🙂 Sega made some really good hardware!

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